WhatsApp Plus: It’s A Fake Malicious App, Don’t Download It!

WhatsApp Plus: It’s A Fake Malicious App, Don’t Download It!

 It’s A Fake Malicious App, Don’t Download It!

You have to be very careful while using third party applications, specially in instant messaging apps, social media apps, and others. Some Apps collect information from your mobile device or infect them with malware.

This is the case of WhatsApp Plus, Yes! A well known Instant messaging app, WhatsApp Plus is not providing any additional functionality except instant messaging. According to media reports, WhatsApp Plus is collecting your personal information from your mobile device such as, Photos, Videos and contacts. Although, it also leave a malware in your mobile in the form of brand which continuously stole and collect your data and sent to owner of App when connect with Internet.

WhatsApp Plus: A Fake Malicious App

Researchers at Malwarebytes found that the application shows a golden logo based on the whatsapp logo. In addition to this, a URL is displayed to redirect in the download link.

WhatsApp Plus Fake Golden Logo

WhatsApp Plus does not contribute anything except stole your data and leave malware in your device, it is a fake application on google play store. Although, WhatsApp plus promise to use four WhatsApp accounts on the same mobile with hidden “writting” and double tick box.

We can avoid these problems by using official WhatsApp and social network services.

Comments are welcome to discuss more about this malware.


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