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How to Install and Run Android On PC using VirtualBox [2 Methods]

How to Install and Run Android On PC using Virtual Box

Insatall and run Android on PC

Let’s learn how to install and run android on PC with virtual box using an easy method. If you really want to learn then you must read this post from start to end.

Virtual Box is standalone environment for windows that let’s you run many other operating systems inside it without installing it into your hard drive. This is really easy to utilize or try the operating systems on the device through using the virtual box. Virtual environment can be set to run the operating systems from the devices such as Android OS.

Here in this article i have explained the method in steps to know about How to Install Android on VirtualBox.

The Android x86 ISO: This is the Operating System installation file that help to run Android OS inside VirtualBox.

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# Setting up the VirtualBox:

  1. Startup Virtual Box and move your courser on the “New” to create another virtual Machine as shown in Figure.

Insatall and run Android on PC

2. Name newly created virtual machine with your favorite one and select “Linux” from type and “Linux 2.6/3.x/4.x (32-bit)” from version as shown in Figure, then click Next.

Insatall and run Android on PC

3. For memory, i’d prefer 2048 MB (2GB) particular in the case of 32 Bit work of Android. If you are working on 64Bit, don’t hesitate to use as much as you can, Click Next.

Insatall and run Android on PC

4. Select the option “Make” to begin constructing your virtual machine, For hard plate select VDI.

5. Leave the hard circle as Dynamically Allocated, which will enable the virtual hard to develop as requirement.

Insatall and run Android on PC

6. At this point, you can pick out at despite that it will progressively resize, it won’t be permitted to past the size you have characterized here. Pick whatever size you want for your frame work. I’m leaving this as 8GB.

Insatall and run Android on PC

7. Click Start to create final option.

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#Installing Android in VirtualBox:

After Successful Installation of Virtual Machine, Click start to began with Android Installation.

  1. When your machine starts up, direct it to Android OS, you have downloaded, Select Devices > Optical Drivers > Choose Disk Image from the top menu and select your Android ISO. Now, at that point move to Machine> reset to restart the machine.

Insatall and run Android on PC

2. Once your virtual machine warm up the ISO, Look down to console to “Introduce” and press Enter. this will begin the Android Installation.

Insatall and run Android on PC

3. select Make/Modify options on the GPT screen, Simply pick “No”.

Insatall and run Android on PC

4. On your circle utility screen, select “New”.

5. Make a primary circle and enable it to utilize the whole virtual plate you have created at the start. for this situation its 8GB.

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6. Hit Enter on the “Bootable” to make segment bootable, at this point choose “Compose” and press Enter.

Insatall and run Android on PC

7. Click on “Yes” to confirm that you need to compose the parcel table to the plate.

Insatall and run Android on PC

8. When its done, feature quite alternative and press enter.

9. Select “Ext4” to organize the segment and feature to “Yes” and press Enter to confirm the screen.

10. Select the segment you just made to introduce Android and press enter.

Insatall and run Android on PC

Finally, We have finished the installation of Android OS on VirtualBox, i hope after reading this post you can easily install this.

Your comments and discussions are welcomed here in the comment box.


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