WARNING! Google Chrome Is Scanning Files On Your Computer

WARNING! Google Chrome Is Scanning Files On Your Computer

Google Chrome Scaning File

We all know very well that, tech giant google has improved its web browser for better browsing and security. However, according to latest reports, Googles web Browser “Google Chrome” scanning all the files in computer.

Regarding Security concern, the major concern is google chrome have its own Anti-Virus. The well known web browser is scanning all the files from your computer.

This problem was initially detected by “Kelly Shortridge”, A Product Manager at Security Scorecard, who observed that some applications on her PC was accessing document files stored in “My Documents”.

The abnormal behavior of Google’s browser:

A quick investigation showed that Chrome was the culprit, not waiting for Google’s browser to make this access. In fact, it would be Chrome Cleanup, the anti-virus that the browser now natively has in its Windows version.

While, accessing of unauthorized files and folders, Google evaluates and check the files you have downloaded from the internet to keep the files clean with no security issue.

Kellys Tweet regarding google chrome

Google followed this problem and realize that why its browser would access the Kelly Shortridge files in this way. More in details revealed that the problem is another and a well known tech giant google’s browser has a bug who directs to scan files which is not normal.

This list be very large and cause to slowdown your browsing speed and also your computer as in background it is scanning the file information available in your computer.

Justin Tweet about bug in google chrome

The immediate solution to this problem:

The immediate and fastest solution of this problem is to clear the list of downloads from your google chrome (Files downloaded from Internet through chrome browser).

To do this, go to three vertical dots on right of your chrome or use (Ctrl+J) to open list of downloaded files. Although, Again you will see three vertical dots on right of chrome browser, click and choose clear all.

Google has noticed this issue and will solve in the next version of Google Chrome. until take care of this abnormal problem which cause the slowness of your computer.

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