Facebook Offering $40,000 Bounty If You Find Evidence Of Data Leaks

Facebook Offering $40,000 Bounty If You Find Evidence Of Data Leaks

Tech giant Facebook pays millions of dollars every year to researchers and bug finders to find security issues in Facebook, But, recent

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Through its new “Data Abuse Bounty” Facebook is asking help from its users to help them find an APP who is misusing the data, either buy or free for any personal or political reason,

It is similar to the previous big bounty program, the Data abuse Program, Facebook will pay some of the amount to its user who inform the Tech Giant Facebook about misuse of data and violates Facebook policies.

  • “This program is complementary to our existing bug bounty program in that it ‘follows the data’ even if the root cause isn’t a security flaw in Facebook’s code,” the company explains.
  • “Bad actors can maliciously collect and abuse Facebook user data even when no security vulnerabilities exist. This program is intended to protect against that abuse.”

The impact of money Facebook would pay to those who informs, there is no maximum limit to pay and starts from $40,000 to its helpers through Data Abuse Bounty Program.

So, If you come across any APP or you know any company who is collecting data using the name of Facebook, inform the Facebook and earn reward. Facebook will take legal action against that App or Company who buy or collect data with no money.

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