Cambridge Analytica May Have Accessed Facebook Messages

Cambridge Analytica May Have Accessed Facebook Messages as Well

Facebook messages compromised

Well, With Facebook privacy scandal not appearing anytime soon, there is another viral news after Mark Zuckerberg’s Congressional hearings.

According to Facebook, As, the private information accessed by Cambridge Analytica, what you think about users private messages?, these might compromised too.

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The App, which was busy in collecting data, asking the users to access personal messages, something which wasn’t disclosed previously. The world is busy in finding others personal data and collecting private information.

Affected Users

Well, a relatively small number of users give permission to that app about collection of data, but we normally allow all the apps to access our personal messages, contacts, gallery, and other.

Although, Facebook had already stopped getting specific information from your friends and family list in early 2015, but, still some app are busy in collecting users information.

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however, affected users started receiving notification from Facebook, notifying users affected by Cambridge Analytica.

However, Tech giant Facebook still improving their privacy to secure users data. The app may be able to collect information from users who approved to access messages, but Cambridge Analytica said that they didn’t accessed any private message from user, but we can not trust, because they can access at any time.

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