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How To Make Prank Calls From your Android Smartphone with VOXOX


How To Make Prank Calls From your Android Smartphone with VOXOX

Make prank calls VOXOX APP: In this post, I will let you know how you have make a fun with your friends by making a Prank Call from your Android SmartPhone using VOXOX App.

Prank or Fake calls are in which you can hide your ID from the receiver, please note that, this is only for enjoyment and not for serious purpose as you can tracked easily.

There are many applications available on Google Play Store for making fake or prank calls, but this is very easy method which let you download an app and setup your caller ID to make prank calls.

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Steps to Make Prank Calls from Android with VOXOX:

Step 1: First of all you need to download a VOXOX software (APP) from VOXOX Official Website or from Google Play Store for your Android SmartPhone.

Make prank calls VOXOX APP


Step 2: Well, after downloading this application, Install it into your device. After successful installation, you will be able to see the screen like below.


Make prank calls VOXOX APP

Step 3: Now, you are on the step to signup your account with this app, you have to add your name, email and contact number. With first signup, you will get $1 for free to make a call.

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Make prank calls VOXOX APP


Step 4: Now, After successful signup you are able to dial a number, A dial pad screen will appear in front of you.


Make prank calls VOXOX APP

Step 5. In caller id section, add any persons’ contact details to make him a anonymous call and press Ok.

Make prank calls VOXOX APP

Step 6: You are all done. you can now make prank calls to your friends for having a fun. Again, these kind of apps are not for serious calls or action as you can easily be tracked with your phone number and other details. this is just for having a fun.

Well, Your comments are very important to us, If you would like to discuss about this app, you are welcome to comment below.

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