How to Send Birthday Wishes on Facebook [4 Steps]

How to Send Birthday Wishes on Facebook

Celebrate Facebook Birthdays: Facebook is a place where you can find/add and communicate with your oldest friends and family across the world. This is like a forum where you can discuss and comment on photos, Videos and other stuff shared by Friends and Family.

Well, Facebook remembers everything you share, such as, your Birthdate, your interests, working places and contact details through its App.

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Celebrate Facebook Birthdays

Here is how to send birthday wishes on Facebook:

Step 1: Login to your Facebook Account with Username and Password.

Celebrate Facebook Birthdays

Step 2: Tap on “Events” at the left menu under “Explore”.

Celebrate Facebook Birthdays

Step 3: Click on “Birthdays” on left menu as shown in Figure.

Celebrate Facebook Birthdays

Step 4: View upcoming and current birthdays of your friends and relatives, Click on friends’ name and wish him a birthday by sending personal message of commenting on his status.

That’s all you have done.


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