You Can Now Play Facebook and Instagram Videos in Whatsapp

You Can Now Play Facebook and Instagram Videos in Whatsapp

Play Facebook Videos
Play Facebook Videos

Play Facebook Videos: A well know Messaging and Calling app used by all over the world is now adding new feature in which you can play Facebook and Instagram videos withing the app and no need to move to new app.

Well, Whatsapp owned by Facebook back in 2014 and then it is continuously improving by adding more features into it. Some recent features added are: Video Calling, Location Sharing, WhatsApp Web and some others.

One of the new feature which we are discussing there is Play of Videos from the Facebook and Instagram. When someone shares a link of Facebook or Instagram, Now no need to open another app or browser to play that video, you can now play it withing WhatsApp and can continue your chat.

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More Features Expected

As discussed above that WhatsApp owned by Facebook, Instagram is also a company of Facebook and it is trying to combine all its features to play in each other apps.

All these companies are improving its features and more expectations are in near future.

The ability to watch Facebook/Instagram videos directly from within WhatsApp is only available on some iOS devices, for now, there’s no word on when this feature will be made available to Android users.

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