APPLE is going to take action to protect Chinese Users


apple protect chinese users scam

apple protect Chinese users scam


Apple protect chinese users scam: Apple Inc started to take necessary measures to safeguard its Chinese Users whose accounts are likely to be accessed through phishing scams where two-factory authentication was not enabled on their devices, reported on Tuesday.

The US tech giant start to investigate on the phishing complaints reported by apple users and found that a small number of its users accounts were accessed through phishing scams where two factor authentication was not used.

Well, According to Apple statement “We have taken several actions to protect our customers and have prevented a significant number of fraudulent transactions”. with the example, they further said: “We are rejecting riskier orders by challenging recently altered accounts attempting to make purchases”.

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It is further clarified by apple in their second statement that: they are identifying the suspicious activities and reaching out to affected users, they further advised its users/customers to enable two-factor authentication which will help to prevent unauthorized activity on their accounts.

Apple Inc, always busy to enhance security features to protect its users from any scam or fraudulent activity and they strongly suggest its customers/users to enable two-factor authentication which is more secure than single password.

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Reference: China Daily

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