How to get Acceptance Letter for CSC Scholarship China

Are you planing to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC) China?, but you don’t know how to get acceptance letter from any professor.

Acceptance letter CSC schoparship china

Well, if you are thinking that, acceptance letter from the professor is very very important and without this you can not get admission or with this you will definitely get admission, You may be wrong! in some sense. In my personal experience and research on CSC Scholarship applications, i think there is no need of acceptance letter for Masters. Although, it will help you to get short listed for the admission.

Very Important for you: CV/Resume Sample for Acceptance Letter CSC Scholarship China

Some Universities, such as: Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU), Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) etc. They have requirement of acceptance letter and it is well explained in their application process. If university don’t ask for acceptance letter, it is not important whether you have one or not.

There are many applicants who get many acceptance letters from various professors, but they are failed to get admission. You know why?. because they may have many acceptance letters, but other parameters, such as: Study Plan, Recommendation letters from Professors and academic background also matters.

This might help you: Free CSC Scholarship Support 2018-19

If you have a poor study plan, poor recommendation letters and not good GPA, then you will not get admission. It doesn’t matter you have a acceptance letter in this case.

Well, If you are a Ph.D applicant, then it is very necessary for you to have a piece of acceptance letter from the professor which will increase your chances up to 60-70%. What about other 30-40%?

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In this case, you must have all above mentioned parameters (e.g: Well written study plan, recommendation letters), with acceptance letter. Here, if you have some research papers before, it will be a plus point in your application. Remember, Increase in competition means increase in supporting documents.

If you have some research papers, GRE, IELTS or TOEFL, then you have 99.99% chances of winning the scholarship in well reputed university of China.

How to Send Email to Professor for Acceptance letter?

First of all, Write a simple introduction about you, (as simple as possible). Then tell him (Professor) about your previous research and your future interest, at the end attach your CV and Transcript, also your research papers (if you have).

Acceptance letter CSC schoparship china

Here is Example of Email:

Subject: Request of Acceptance letter for PhD.

Respected sir/Professor,

I’m (your name) from (your country). I’m graduated from (your university name with country). My previous research was (your research topic) and now want to work under your supervision to enhance my skills. In this regard, I’m in need of acceptance letter for successful admission.

My detailed CV and Transcript is attached with this email.


(Your Name)

This is just a sample email, you can use it by filling up yours. Please do not write lengthy emails as some professors ignore it.

Time to send email:

Sample Email for PhD Supervisor, Best time to send email to professor CSC Scholarship

The best time to send email to professor is early morning china time (+8), because when professor check his inbox, he/she finds your email on top of his/her inbox.

By using this method, i got many acceptance letters for my friends and they are now studying in Chinese Universities. If you need any kind of help, you are welcome to leave your question in comment box, i will be happy to answer you. Some Sample acceptance letters are available here.

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  1. Very interesting research

  2. Kindly provide the sample of recomendation letter, study pland and acceptance letter.

  3. Hello can you help me to get acceptance letter ?

  4. Scholastica Shefaly Rebarue

    Can you please help me to get some study plan for MBA or public administration.

  5. is it necessary to show professor’s publish papers intro or name in the email body…

    or just write their research intrests only…not name of publish papers….
    plz ans very soon

    • you may show your papers to professor or you may include it in your resume/CV. no need to show professor’s paper to professor.

  6. Sir ,
    I have given my Msc final exam and my result is expected in march , can i apply for the CGS.
    2nd question is that i have send email but can not get aceptance later yet..

    • Yes, Some universities accept application on Appearance letter. If you got admission, you need to submit your degree certificate and transcript till August or may be in September.

  7. Hi sir, can you please help me get some study plan for international business or international trade

  8. Sir I want to do MS in networking. So help me please

  9. I am going to apply for Master in Civil engineering in harbin institute of technology. I saw a sample for study plan given on website in which following points are given
    Research background
    Research purpose
    Research method
    Now I am confused is this for PhD or Master as one of my friend told this is for PhD for master there is simple study plan.
    If you have any authentic information kindly share.

    • According to my knowledge, you can use it for both, although you have to modify it and make it about 800 words for masters and 1200+ for PhD. you can use it.

  10. Sir plz mention names of some Biological Sciences Universities of China.
    . . . . . . . . . . . . Thankio . . . .

  11. Hi sir! I need a sample study plan for admission in phd. Here’s my email. I’ll be thankful for your cooperation.

  12. Salam Sir.
    First of all thanx for your concern and help.
    Coming to the point, I did my Electrical Engineering from NUML Islamabad. Now looking for doing MS in the same field. But i will get my transcript and degree in January 2019, so can i apply then? Secondly from where i will get the professors list? And can you please send me the CV and application format. My email address is

  13. Sir please help me i want to take admission in bsc civil engineering just tell me about recommendations letter..

    • Recommendation letters provided by your previous professors in Undergraduate studies. You need two recommendation letters from Professors or associate professors of your department in your country (Pakistan).

  14. Please share cv/resume formate

  15. Hello, if you know how to apply chinese scholarship or website to apply for bachelor programe please kindly provite me. thanks in advance!!

  16. When do we need to provide recommendation letter and study plan? before or after the acceptance letter?

  17. What type of Cv is necessary to get acceptance letter

  18. Hello Admin, I have a problem finding professors names and emails for my major (Radiology).
    Can you please help me out?
    thanks in advance.

  19. what is the time of sending mails according to pakistani time

    • There is 3 hour difference between Pakistani time and China time.

      you can send as late as you can. for example you can send email at about 11:00-12:00 in the night or also at 4:00-5:00 in the morning pakistani time.

  20. hello There, I need to transfer from one university to the other university. do you know the criteria to transfer in CSC scholarship? currently, I am doing the Chinese language. Before I start my major I want to transfer to another university.

    • Hello

      Sorry for the late reply, Yes you can transfer to any other university as said by my professor.

      you need to get accepted by the other university, you want to move and you need to find the professor. then ask permission from your current professor and university. they will give you some transfer papers and you can move.

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