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How to write an email to get Acceptance Letter for CSC Scholarship

How to write an email to get Acceptance Letter for CSC Scholarship

How to write and email to Professor for acceptance Letter?

Sample email to Professor for acceptance Letter: Well, if you visit social media or Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC) groups, there are many questions available about: “How to write an email to get Acceptance Letter for CSC Scholarship”, or some asks for: Sample email draft to send it to Processor so that he/she can agree to accept us as his/her student.

We have already explained in details about: “How to get acceptance letter for CSC Scholarship China“? which also includes and email sample. E-mail also includes sample draft email and the best time to send an email to professor. If I given you an example: you have to write as short email as you can and describe your introduction with your qualification, leave rest things for your CV.

In China, Professors don’t like to read lengthy emails and if the email is in English and lengthy, they may ignore it. So, write as short email as you can and attach your CV with transcript. It will be good if you have some research articles in your previous study.

Sample email to Professor for Acceptance Letter

Respected Teacher

I’m Afaque from Pakistan, finished my Bachelors/Masters from Mehran University of Engineering and Techonolgy, Pakistan. Currently working as: Trainee Engineer at (your company). I want to pursue my Masters/PhD under your supervision. In this regard I’m in need of an Acceptance Letter so that i can finish my Application.

My CV and Transcript is attached with this email.



You need to modify red colored lines with your name, university and the job if you are doing. also write that you are willing to apply for Master Degree program or PhD. If you are also looking for Sample of Recommendation, acceptance or medical form you can find it here.

Very Important for you: CV/Resume Sample for Acceptance Letter CSC Scholarship China

Well, the time of email is also very important. do you know, here in china professor may check email all the day but reply only when they are fresh or free. Early morning time is best to send email. If you are from Pakistan, the best time to email is 5:00 AM, professor will get it as he opens his office and defiantly read it first and may he reply you at a time.

Some professors will be busy in many projects, labs, seminars and writing papers after the few hours of office. so your email may be ignored if you are not considering your time.

Can someone help me to get acceptance letter?

Here is found a person who can help you to get acceptance letter, this website also provide free support and feel happy to answer all your questions. you may write your question and will get the answer. you can also comment here on, and we will help you regarding CSC Scholarship.


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