Xiaomi Photography Challenge $50,000 in Prize

Xiaomi Photography Challenge $50,000 in Prize

Xiaomi Photography Challenge, Xiaomi Contest 2018
Xiaomi Photography Challenge

Xiaomi, One of the best Mobile Manufacturing brand of China just started a Best Photography contest. The contest which is recently launched by the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer, of course, Xiaomi with contest name: Xiaomi Photography Challenge and will go until next November 23-2018.

To participate in Xiaomi Photography Challenge, it is necessary for you to have a Xiaomi mobile, it doesn’t matter of any model. You need to take some pictures from your Xiaomi phone and apply for contest. The contest is divided into four categories:

Xiaomi Photography Challenge, Xiaomi Contest 2018

Categories of Photography Challenge:

  1. Natural Look
  2. Piece of the World
  3. Dream Scape
  4. Why so Serious

The author of the winning photo in each category will get $10,000, while the second prize id $5,000 and on third hand it is $2,000 USD.

The winners will be chosen by the global community of fans of the brand. As this company, Xiaomi has the support of a community of developers and people related to the brand that not only consume their products but also support each other through various forums in order to solve problems and share knowledge.

The conditions to participate in the ‘Xiaomi Photography Contest’

In order to participate in Xiaomi Photography Contest, it is necessary that the photo must be unpublished anywhere and belongs to a Xiaomi contest category. The photos sent must contain the EXIF information and must have a weight between 300 KB minimum and 10 MB maximum.

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Well, Each participant can send a maximum of six photographs. When sending them, they must pass the first round, which requires at least three ‘likes’. After all these procedures these photographs will pass to a second round in which there will be professional juries who will choose 25 finalists in each category.

Finally, between November 27 and December 6, these photographs will be voted by Xiaomi’s Global community. So, What are you thinking about? take a phone and go to find a suitable category, take pictures and enter in to contest. for more details and queries, you are welcome to comment here.

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