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Importance of Acceptance letter
Importance of Multiple acceptance letter for CSC Scholarship

If you visit China Scholarship Groups on Facebook, you may find various questions, thanks, suggestions and comments. Some are asking for “How to get acceptance letter? , how to write email to get acceptance letter?” and some are thanking to God and admins of having various Acceptance letters from different Universities of China.

Well, What you think of having 3-4 acceptance letters from different professors?. I have already explained in my previous post, just don’t rely on acceptance letter as it has not as much value as you are thinking, however, you need to focus on your other documents also. for example: Study Plan and CV.

If you are getting many acceptance letters, what you think it is on your qualification? have you ever think about the value of Professor in the University? One professor is asking for online interview and about your basic knowledge before giving you an acceptance letter, that means he have a confirmed seat to admit international student in his research group.

Acceptance Letter CSC Scholarship China

On other hand, professor provide you acceptance letter without knowing anything, what you think? you are the only one who sent him an email?. There might be many peoples who send emails to same professor and get acceptance letter. Professor send you letter without knowing about your research topic/interest. but, it might be not good for you as one professor provide many acceptance letters to various students around the world. So, at the time of admission you might not get any importance.

Looking for Acceptance letter? This might Help you to get one

Well, there is another effect of getting various “Acceptance Letters”, is you are reducing the other student’s chance of getting acceptance from same professor. Because, some professors provide only one acceptance letter and that might be you who already have many letters.

In conclusion, I would recommend to find a best professor, check out his profile and research area on University website. If it matches with your area then you may request for an acceptance letter. Email sample to professor is already explained here.

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