Top 5 Tips for Creating Secure/Strong Password

creating secure-strong password

Password, is basically a key of your lock. That lock may of your email or bank account, you need to keep it secure separate. There are many things on internet you are using in your daily life, such as: Social Media, email account, online transactions, net banking, blogging and so on, almost all are requiring Passwords.

Well, Hackers are trying to get access into your personal things, they are trying to access your facebook, twitter account, they are trying to get access to your banking and email system. In that case, this article is to help you “How you can Create a secure Password?”

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Here are 5 tips to create secure password

  1. Unique password for every website you visit, specially important accounts like email and online banking.
  2. Utilize the combination of upper case, lower case, numbers, symbols and at least 15-characters.
  3. Use a phrase only you would know.
  4. Establish your password recover options and keep them up to date.
  5. Change your passwords periodically and avoid re-using same password for at least a year.

Do you know? we are at a point where no password under 15 characters is safe and of-course it is impossible to remember such kind of passwords. In that case, you need to save your password in a separate file and keep it on safe place. here is an example of strong password:


Some additional tips

  • Ensure your computer is utilizing anti-virus software of some kind and keep it up to date to avoid keyloggers and malware.
  • Make sure no one is watching you when you are typing a password.
  • Avoid entering password on unsecured Wi-Fi connections or on public computers.

This article is a small guide about to make a strong password to protect yourself from such kind of hackers. You are welcome to discuss anything on this topic in comments section.

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