These 6 Important Apps in China People can’t Live Without

These 6 Important Apps in China People can’t Live Without

Important apps for China
Important apps for China

Made in China! – Yes, if you take anything such as: clothes, toys, mobile phones, laptops or anything in your mind, almost everything is made in China. Chinse work hard to produce products according to country needs. Apple iPhone is also made in China but the quality is according to county.

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In china, for every product you use has its own APP. for example: if you order food, order taxi, payment, shopping and even bike charging is done with mobile App. In this article, I’m going to share some important Apps, every Chinese must have and also foreigner. so here are the list of these APPS.

Important APPS used in China

1. DiDi (滴滴出行)

Important apps for China

DiDi is Important app for Taxi, if you are looking for taxi, this app will provide you best rate and quick services to Taxi.

2. WeChat (微信)

Important apps for China

This is must have app for anyone, may be Chinese or not Chinese but live in China. You can make online transactions, pay to stores, online shopping, mobile recharge, chat, audio call, video call, group call and almost anything. This app is highly recommended when you come to China.

3. Alipay (支付宝)

Important apps for China

China doesn’t pay in Cash anymore, all transactions and transfers done with Alipay. with this app you can book flight ticket, online shopping, pay at stores, ride bicycles, and much more. this app is linked with your bank account and you can go anywhere in china if you have money in your bank and mobile with Alipay app in your pocket. Doesn’t matter you have cash or not.

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4. Baidu Maps (百度地图)

Important apps for China

Baidu Map is a Chinese map which allow you to find best route to your destination. It is like a Google in China but it is chin’s own version.

5. Pleco Dictionary

Important apps China

Pleco is a Chinese dictionary in your pocket and is diverse and useful. Struggling for a word? Enter the English into Pleco and you will be given all the possible vocab with a few synonyms. Various add-ons can be bought, allowing you to customize your Pleco experience. One such example is the ability to handwrite a character on your phone. Curious as to what that sign says in the shop window? Whip out Pleco, squiggle the character into your phone and you get your answer.

6. Sherpa’s (美团)

Important apps China

Well, This app allow you to order online food and will help you to deliver at your door.

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