Here’s How Much Tax You Will Have to Pay to bring phone into Pakistan

Bringingin phone Pakistan

Well, Planing to bring your Mobile Phone into Pakistan? we may have a bad news for you as Government of Pakistan imposed some Tax on it.

In this article, I will tell you how much tax you have to pay and how many mobiles you are allowed to bring into Pakistan.

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Well, If you are using foreign SIM in Pakistan as a roaming or you stay for Pakistan not more than 30 days then you don’t need to pay any tax and you are tax-free, either you are Pakistan origin or overseas.

You are allowed to bring/Import 5 mobile phones in a year, one is free and there is no any tax, although other four have a tax and you have to pay it on the customs counter placed on the airport.

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Types of Duties and Taxes

First of all, let’s list down all the different types of duties and taxes you’ll have to pay on phone imports.

hone imports.

  • Customs Duty
  • Regulatory Duty
  • Sales Tax
  • Additional Sales Tax
  • IT Duty
  • Mobile Levy
  • Provincial Tax

How much tax you will have to pay?

Please keep in mind that these charges are calculated by assuming the value of the US Dollar is equivalent to Rs. 140.

Value of MobileTaxation in PKR
$50Rs. 4641
$100Rs. 6367
$150Rs. 8083
$200Rs. 13,116
$250Rs. 15,666
$300Rs. 20,216
$350Rs. 22,767
$400Rs. 25,317
$450Rs. 27,867
$500Rs. 30,417
$550Rs. 34,967
$600Rs. 37,517
$650Rs. 40,067
$700Rs. 42,618
$800Rs. 47,718
$900Rs. 52,818
$1,000Rs. 57, 918
$1,200Rs. 68,119
$1,400Rs. 78,319
$1,500Rs. 83, 420

Furthermore, it is well explained in the video in Urdu, you may have a look.

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