Google Shows India as a “Haramkhor Country in the World”

Well, Everyone knows the recent situation of Indian Media and peoples. They are just against the humanity and ready to kill peoples. Indian Government is trying to win election 2019 with some fighting way with its neighborhood country.

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The Largest Search Engine, Yes i’m talking about Google declared India as a “Haramkhor Country in the world”. When you hit your keywords in and ask google, which is haramkhor or namak haram country of the world, you will get your answer on the top of the page.

Haramkhor country in the world

Well, this news is not new, many people already published many articles, back in 2016 and mentioned with some video proofs. Lets have a look in this screenshot:

Haramkhor country in the world

This article was published in “Dunya News” back in Sept 27, 2016. Now republishing this articles that, India is on its position of “Namak Harami”.

You are welcome to have a try by using your own search keywords on google, comment your answers below to discuss more on this.

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  1. Google is right

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