WhatsApp for Desktop | New Feature to use on Windows and Mac OS

WhatsApp for Desktop | WhatsApp, a well known and most popular instant messaging app owned by tech giant Facebook in February 2014. Since now, we have found many new features in WhatsApp.

In this article, I’m going to tell new about new upgrade by whatsapp, Yes, Its “WhatsApp for Desktop”. Now you can download WhatsApp on your computer (Windows or Mac) and can easily use it on your PC.

Download WhatsApp for Web

WhatsApp for windows is currently available for Windows 8 and higher and can be downloaded from here for 32 bit and from here for 64 bit OS.

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Although, you can also use it on your MAC book, it is available for Mac OS X 10.9 and higher and is available for download from here.

WhatsApp for Desktop was previously available in web version, you were required to open a web page and use at as a web chat but this upgrade is an application to download in Windows or Mac OS.

How to Use WhatsApp for Web?

Well, you need to download WhatsApp from the link given above, open an application from your mobile phone and click on 3-vertical dots on top right corner of your app, select WhatsApp Web.

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Scan QR code with your mobile from your desktop app and you are ready to use WhatsApp for Web.

Please note that, you need to connect your phone with internet during your use of whatsapp for desktop.

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