Yadgar.Pk started Online Interview publication for the Position Holder Students

Make your success yadgar with Yadgar Interview

This is a first time, any web blog started encouraging students with their success. Yadgar.pk decided to publish detailed profile interview of the successful student in his/her class.

If you are a topper/position holder student in your class, you are welcome to contact us with your bio-data for online publication as a “Yadgar Interview”.

Benefits of Online Yadgar Interview

  • This will encourage in future success as you become world popular
  • Your friends and relatives can view your success as a online portfolio
  • You can show this interview URL as a success in your job interview
  • This will help you in your higher studies, just share your interview URL to your professor.
  • Encourage all students to become number one in the class

Terms and Conditions

  • Student must be a College or University Student
  • We may require a result copy (in special case)
  • We’ll verify your position from your college or University
  • Interview may be online written interview or video and voice call interview.

How to contact for any query?

If you have any question regarding “Yadgar Interview” you may contact us directly via comments or on following addresses:

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