YouTube removing private messages feature after September 18, 2019

YouTube is wolds most popular Video streaming and sharing platform owned by Tech Giant Google in 2006.

Two Years ago, YouTube launched a feature to send and share videos in a private message. It was also focused that you can send private messages, comments, posts and stories on YouTube private messages.

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YouTube removing the feature to send private messages after September 18, 2019

We have just got an update relate to shutting down of private messages on YouTube after September, 18th.

Here is a Message from YouTube

After September 18th, you’ll no longer be able to send messages directly on YouTube. Some parts of this feature may go away before this date, such as sharing a video as a message.

If you would like to save a copy of your messages:

  1. Go to YouTube Takeout.
  2. In the YouTube section, select “All data included” to choose which data you want to keep.
  3. Deselect all data except “Chats”.
  4. Select OK.
  5. Select Next Step.
  6. Select “Creative archive”.
  7. You’ll receive an email when your archive is ready.
  8. Download all of your chats as a .zip file.

When you share a video on YouTube or get a message from a YouTube friend, a private conversation is created where you can view and discuss the video. You can watch shared videos directly in your conversation.

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Well, YouTube is continuously updating new features time by time which helps new creators and editors to take advantages from it. but this time, YouTube is removing a feature.

If you would like to discuss on this, you are welcome to leave a comment and discuss about this feature so that every one can understand and learn what is happening.

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