Facebook has leaked 419 Million Account Phone Numbers

Facebook has leaked 419 Million Account Phone Numbers, Facebook Data Breach

Facebook Data Breach | Once again, the biggest data leaked by Facebook after Cambridge Analytica data leak. This time, 419 Million users accounts and ID’s were available online which includes users phone numbers, age, sex and location.

According to Sanyam Jain, the researcher who passed his discovery on to TechCrunch. It’s unclear who pulled the information from Facebook’s systems or why, but presumably it must have been an employee to have that level of access.

Whose Affected?

The most affected countries includes, America, UK, Vietnam and some others. According to the reports, 133 million users were from USA, 18 millions users from UK and 50 million records from Vietnam. These are the most affected users whose phone number leaked and available online.


As we see recent time, Facebook failed to maintain its privacy and this is not just a first or second time that Facebook leaked the users data but it is repeating its mistake again and again. Facebook must tight its security and privacy in order to keep users trust.

Government of America must take action on this data leak, as there are millions of users trust and Facebook is continuously rude in the privacy.

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Please Leave your comments and discuss on this data breach, why Facebook is not securing their servers to safe our data? should we delete our accounts from Facebook? your comments and discussion is much appreciated.

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