Keywords Everywhere will be a paid browser extension from Oct 1st 2019

Keywords Everywhere

The Keywords Everywhere Chrome extension and Firefox extension is going to be paid extension from October 1, 2019 as announced by Keyword Everywhere news room.

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Many Website developers, bloggers and YouTuber’s across the world using this tool to find out most used keywords volume, CPC and Competition. Moreover, this tool is going to be in paid browser extension after being free for four years.

The only other option would have been to shut it down.

How Much does it Cost?

At starting, Keyword Everywhere tools decided to provide its services in $1 for 10,000 search data. For example: if you are search the term “Yadgar” this will cost you 1 search data you have used. As much as you used to try your keyword in search, you will be on the way to used your search data from 10000 uses.

Why it is going to be in Paid?

According to the Kevin, they are upgrading it to paid version just because of increase in Spam and bot activity which cost them increase in hardware uses and cost them more server resources. To run this server smoothly, they need to ask for paid version so that they can provide a service to the real users or the other option is to “Shut it down permanently“.

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