Best PayPal Alternatives for Online Payment in Pakistan

Best PayPal Alternatives for Online Payment in Pakistan

PayPal Alternatives for Online Payment in Pakistan

Let me introduce you the best PayPal Alternatives to make online payment in the world, as PayPal is most famous and widely used payment method for international payments around the globe.

But there are few countries for example: Pakistan, where PayPal is not working to make online payment. This will cause difficulties to freelancers to withdraw payments in Pakistan.

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I’m working hard to guide you on many cases related to technology, so that we together can improve your knowledge and skills with discussion in comment box.

Well, in this post, I will tell you best PayPal alternatives by which you can make online transactions.

Paypal Alternatives in Pakistan

#1. Google Wallet

Best PayPal Alternatives for Online Payment in Pakistan

This service is offered by the most popular tech giant Google. Many of you must heard about this service.

Previously, it was “Google Checkout” which is now renamed as Google wallet. It is same as PayPal, you can make invoice to send and receive payments to and from international clients.

#2. Skrill

Best PayPal Alternatives for Online Payment in Pakistan

This is one of the fantastic service, in Pakistan you can connect it with your UBL debit card to make online transactions to almost every country.

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#3. Payoneer

Best PayPal Alternatives for Online Payment in Pakistan

This is one of the best alternative for PayPal, it also provide you Payoneer ATM card which you can use on “VISA” supported ATM’s to make transactions and also you can withdraw transactions from any VISA supported ATM’s around the globe. This service is also very popular and widely used by many companies online.


This is well known and very old service used by companies to make transactions online. It has easy to use APP which can be downloaded to make International payments.

#5. Stripe

Well, this is also known as best alternative of PayPal by which you can easily send and receive payments directly to your bank accounts. It charges some amount to make transactions online.

Well, these are the some alternatives for international transactions online, welcomes you if you have any other name in your mind to make online transactions, please leave your comments below.

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