Best Antivirus Software for Windows 10 in 2019 (Free and Paid)

free antivirus for windows 10

Free Antivirus for Windows 10 | Are you a Windows users? If you are, you must be wondering about the security of your windows to protect your privacy, files, photos and videos. Well, there are many software’s are available on internet which offer their services regarding protection from hackers and viruses. It is difficult for an individual to decide which ...

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5 BEST WORDPRESS SECURITY PLUGINS | WordPress is an opensource CMS and Data-based PHP script which is widely used by bloggers across the world. Due to its popularity Hackers are interested to hack different popular blogs who are based on WordPress script. You might like: Google booted 24 apps from the Play store infected with Joker malware Well, You need ...

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Google booted 24 apps from the Play store infected with Joker malware

Malware apps on google play store, Spybot search and destroy

Malware apps on google play store | There are millions of applications available on Google Play Store for free and paid download. As we know that, google takes care of every app for the security and malware infection in the apps but few apps were found to be infected with Joker malware as reported by a security researcher group. We ...

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Facebook has leaked 419 Million Account Phone Numbers

Facebook Data Breach | Once again, the biggest data leaked by Facebook after Cambridge Analytica data leak. This time, 419 Million users accounts and ID’s were available online which includes users phone numbers, age, sex and location. According to Sanyam Jain, the researcher who passed his discovery on to TechCrunch. It’s unclear who pulled the information from Facebook’s systems or why, ...

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Never allow your Web Browser to Save your Password – Here is Why?

Never Allow browser save password

Password, the only way to protect your online accounts and those accounts can be compromised easily with our own mistakes. Even we can make strong passwords (upper and lower cases with mixed symbols). Previously we have explained “How to Secure your Password?“. Well, In this article, I’m going to tell you about the mistake almost every internet user do. Never ...

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Top 5 Tips for Creating Secure/Strong Password

creating secure-strong password

Password, is basically a key of your lock. That lock may of your email or bank account, you need to keep it secure separate. There are many things on internet you are using in your daily life, such as: Social Media, email account, online transactions, net banking, blogging and so on, almost all are requiring Passwords. Well, Hackers are trying ...

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These Android/iOS Apps can Steal your Bank Account Information

Well, there are many hacking attempts happens in Pakistan, some may be by fake phone calls from bank. What you need to do is to take care and ignore suck kind of calls. If you get any call, never ever provide your bank details to any official. It doesn’t matter that he’ll force you to block your account if you ...

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APPLE is going to take action to protect Chinese Users

Apple Protect Users

APPLE TO TAKE ACTION TO PROTECT CHINESE USERS apple protect Chinese users scam   Apple protect chinese users scam: Apple Inc started to take necessary measures to safeguard its Chinese Users whose accounts are likely to be accessed through phishing scams where two-factory authentication was not enabled on their devices, reported on Tuesday. The US tech giant start to investigate ...

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MUET Entry Test Result 2018 – (Answer key and Result) 2-9-2018

MUET Main Gate

MUET Entry Test Result 2018 Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro is well reputed university in Sindh Pakistan is holding Pre-Entry test today 2nd October 2018. We as a Yadgar team will be available here to help you and answer your questions, count your marks from entry test answer key and any kind of help you need. Today after ...

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YouTube Has Been Hacked & Lots Of Videos Deleted

YouTube Has Been Hacked & Lots Of Videos Deleted Youtube hacked | The most powerful and secure Video streaming website has been hacked. Yes, I’m talking about “YouTube” the world’s number one video streaming and sharing website. The most watched music video ‘Despacito’, which has about 5-Billion views has been hacked and removed from the YouTube after attacked by Hackers. ...

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