CV/Resume Sample for Acceptance Letter CSC Scholarship

CV Sample for CSC Scholarship China

A lot of emails received about my previous post “Sample Email To Professor for CSC Scholarships Acceptance” many of you appreciated and some asked for help to get acceptance letter personally.

Through this post, I suggest you to try to get acceptance letter by yourself as some times professors asks many questions about your interest and previous background.

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Help each other by replying to anyone’s comments according to your knowledge. By this way, you will be in contact with each other.

Well, many emails received about to share CV/Resume sample for getting acceptance letter, so here, I will try to explain about CV writing with examples.

Sample CV for CSC Scholarship China

The CV must be simple, may be one page is enough which includes: your personal details, such as: Your name, email, phone, date of birth, address etc.

Secondly, describe about your research background. This will help professor to get quick idea that you belongs to his/her research field.

For Example: 

My bachelors is in Mechanical Engineering  from Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan in 2010. Masters in Mechanical (Manufacturing Engineering), specialization in “High Speed Machine Tools” from Xi’an Jiaotong University Xi’an China. Software used: Ansys, ABAQUS, Solid works.

The third and most important thing you need to write is about your research papers. It doesn’t matter of Conference paper or Journal paper. Just write paper title, name and paste the link.

This will help you: Subject wise University List for CSC Scholarship China

In my opinion, it is enough to tell professor about yourself. For academic information, you have to attach your transcript which is a self explanatory document about your subjects and GPA.

Again, Chinese Professors don’t like your in-necessary details (if you make your CV with 3-4 pages to show your expertise), they only like important things in you. The most important thing is your Research Papers, if you have some, you are more valuable to professor.

Email Sample for CSC Scholarship China: Sample Email To Professor for CSC Scholarships Acceptance

Well, It’s enough for today’s talk. you are welcome to comment with any query relate to CSC Scholarship.

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