How to Find Accurate Qibla Direction [3-Steps]

How to Find Accurate Qibla Direction [3-Steps]

Finding a Qibla direction is some how difficult when you are away from home specially in rural areas.

I live in China, and it is very difficult to locate an accurate position of Qibla to perform religious activity.

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In this article, i’m going to share a way to find accurate position of Qibla. This link is from some special sources.

How to Find Accurate Qibla Direction

Follow these steps, and it will be easy to locate accurate position, I recommend to use mobile for this so that it may track your location position.

Few steps to help you Find Accurate Qibla Direction

  1. Go to from your mobile browser, it will enable your camera and show you the direction to move left or in right direction. Picture explains it further.
How to find accurate qibla direction

2. Hold your phone and move around, after you move to the desire position, you’ll see the Qibla in front of you as shown in the figure below.

How to find exact qibla direction

3. You are done, you have found the Qibla.

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