How to Send Pictures without Losing Quality on WhatsApp

How to Send Pictures without Losing Quality on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is now become a largest Social Media App to share Photos, Videos, Documents and more. Not only sharing such stuff but it is also used for Voice and Video calling.

As you already know that, WhatsApp owned by Tech Giant Facebook and since then, it is continuously improving its features to help users for a better experience. It is already explained “How to Use WhatsApp on Computer PC?“.

Location sharing is also a best feature in WhatsApp by which you can share your current location to your Family and Friends.

Well, In WhtasApp, when we share images or videos, it is compressed by WhatsApp to reduce file size and definitely if you reduce files size the quality will also reduced.

In this tutorial, I’m sharing about how can you share or send images without loosing its quality or size and the receiver will receive original images with original pixels.

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In this tutorial I’m not going to use any additional APP or File Browser to send file but the builtin paper pin for sharing photos and videos.

How to Send Pictures without Losing Quality on WhatsApp

Steps to Follow

Step 1: Click on the paper clip option and select “Documents” and then tap on “Browse other docs” as shown in Figure below.

How to Send Pictures without Losing Quality on WhatsApp

Step 2: Select your images folder, many mobile has “DCIM” folder for Images, open the Image you want to share and send.

How to Send Pictures without Losing Quality on WhatsApp-yadgar2

Step 3: You are Done. This is all about WhatApp Original Image sharing without any compression.

This trick is used when we have to print original pixel image or have to display on our wall. Normally, We use simple image sharing option as “Paper clip” and choose “Image Option” to share images to our friends, Family or in Groups.

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