How to Use WhatsApp on Computer PC?

How to Use WhatsApp on Computer PC?


WhatsApp is a Instant Messaging app owned by tech giant “Facebook” in February 2014. It is continuously improving and updating with latest features to help users in chatting.

Some important features include: Video calling and video conferencing, Audio calling, Group chatting, Message recall and many others.

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This article is about how to use WhatsApp on your computer or PC, so lets start.

How to Use WhatsApp on Computer PC?

Step 1: Goto WhatsApp web from your browser in PC. A window will appear as shown in the figure below.

WhatsApp Web

Step 2: Open WhatsApp APP on your phone and on top right corner there are 3 vertical dots, click on dots and select option whats app web.

A camera function will be enabled to say scan qr code, you have to scan qr code from the website shown in figure above, after successful scanning you will be logged in into WhatsApp on your computer.

That’s it.

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