International Students are Eager to go back to China

Many International Students including Pakistan return back to their home countries due to COVID-19 outbreak. Since then, Now International students are eager to go back to China for their studies.

According to the students on various social media groups “They are Stuck in their home countries”.

Well, the article is already available about Pakistani International Students are Stuck due to COVID-19 and students are again planning to protest in Islamabad on September 7, 2020.

International Students are Eager to go back to China

International Students are Eager to go back to China
Image is taken from Wechat Group

According to our knowledge, Chinese Government don’t like protest and protesters, if you ever been in China, have you ever seen any protest in China regarding any case?

I guess, you answer is NO. Then why are these people closing their doors permanently to go back to China? Chinese Government is working to invite all students and teachers, but they are taking some safety steps.

Students are advised to wait patiently for the notification from Chinese Universities. Everyone know that, this protest never effect on Chinese government, but it may cause negative impact on the students.

Please leave your comments on this post, give us suggestions and tell us your thoughts on this situation. Recent article is published about Pakistan to take up students’ visa issue with China.

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