Interview Questions for CSC Scholarship China [Preparation]

Interview Questions for CSC Scholarship China [Preparation]

Interview Questions for CSC Scholarship China| China Scholarship Council (CSC) provides thousands of scholarship for Masters and PhD’s every year. The requirements is so simple, just complete all required documents, apply properly and secure your admission.

We have already explained, “How many universities can I apply for CSC Scholarship China“, “10 Easy Steps to apply for CSC Scholarship China 2021“, and many other articles to help you get CSC Scholarship.

Well, now the time for application for the session 2020 is finished and the new application for session 2021 will start withing a month or two.

In this article, I have decided to tell you something about the online interview so that you can prepare yourself. The interview is so simple and is about 10-15 minutes of duration.

Some Interview Questions for CSC Scholarship

Question 1: Please Introduce yourself: In this, you have to introduce your self with confidence.

Question 2: do you have any publications before? (if you have any research papers, tell them proudly).

Question 3: why you want to choose this field? (this is very important, you have to explain why you want to choose this field? what are the reasons to choose this?).

Question 4: Did you used any software before? (Now in this question, they want to ask you about any software related to your field. let suppose: i Belongs to Mechanical Engineering so there are many software’s for mechanical design and simulation). In China, you have to work with any software, so if you have any knowledge about it, it is good for your admission.

Question 5: why did you choose this university? (this may be the last question, you have to answer this carefully. just say that you know this university through research articles and i found that there are some advanced research equipment to increase our knowledge and learning.

The Interview is so simple, you don’t need to worry about it. If you are wiling to prepare yourself before CSC committee, we may arrange online interview session for you just to practice for your confidence. We’ll ask you all questions a interviewer may ask you. Just leave your comments if you are interested.

Below is a video regarding interview questions, it will help you to learn more.

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