Is it legal to download YouTube videos via 3rd Party App?

Is it legal to download YouTube videos via 3rd Party App?

Most of the users are interested to download YouTube videos to view it offline. To consider this interest, many websites/apps are build to provide this service to download videos from YouTube. But the question is, Is it legal to download YouTube videos via 3rd Party App?

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Actually, YouTube owned by Google is earning money from the advertisement which appear/play between the videos.

YouTube want us to view that advertisement and in return they provide us free content for our entertainment.

Is it legal to download YouTube videos

According to YouTube Terms, You can not download any YouTube video until the Downloading Options is enabled to you and it is illegal to download any video content by using any technology or third party apps.

Although, you can use YouTube Premium Service which allows you to download videos with ad free content.

Recently, Google Play store restrictions some apps to stop YouTube Downloading feature which is against YouTube Terms.

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