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Popular android apps Pakistan

Most Popular Android Apps used in Pakistan 2018

Well, Today I’m going to share some android applications, which are most popular in Pakistan. According to Similar Web, this list is based on most downloaded apps from Google Play store in Pakistan. Well, I’m shocked to see the list as according to my nature, none of app is related to education. All apps are in list is just waste ...

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Free web hosting

Interserver Offers Free Web Hosting for Students With Premium Services

  Free web hosting: Well, There are many Web Hosting companies are available online which provide their services to their customers. Interserver web hosting is one of them which is offering hosting and domain services since 1999. Interserver deals with Domain Registration and Hosting. I’m a part of interserver webhosting company since 2014. Honestly speaking, I found it very suitable ...

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These 6 Important Apps in China People can’t Live Without

These 6 Important Apps in China People can’t Live Without Made in China! – Yes, if you take anything such as: clothes, toys, mobile phones, laptops or anything in your mind, almost everything is made in China. Chinse work hard to produce products according to country needs. Apple iPhone is also made in China but the quality is according to ...

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creating secure-strong password

Top 5 Tips for Creating Secure/Strong Password

Password, is basically a key of your lock. That lock may of your email or bank account, you need to keep it secure separate. There are many things on internet you are using in your daily life, such as: Social Media, email account, online transactions, net banking, blogging and so on, almost all are requiring Passwords. Well, Hackers are trying ...

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These Android/iOS Apps can Steal your Bank Account Information

Well, there are many hacking attempts happens in Pakistan, some may be by fake phone calls from bank. What you need to do is to take care and ignore suck kind of calls. If you get any call, never ever provide your bank details to any official. It doesn’t matter that he’ll force you to block your account if you ...

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Top Chinese Cities biggest economy

Top 10 Chinese Cities with Big Economies as big as whole Countries

Well, there is no need to explain more about China. Everyone knows very well that China is now going to be a World’s biggest economy in near future. Due to its research, its Manufacturing Production China is famous world wide. Here in this article, I’m going to tell you that, there are only few cities of China which compete the ...

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Email Account was Hacked

Your Email Account was Hacked – Blackmailing for Bitcoin of $800 Ransom

Email Account was Hacked? Have you ever received this kind of email? There are thousands of peoples who receive this kind of email every day. Hackers are trying to blackmail them to ransom some amount from them. They will tell you that you done this last night and I have captured you through your CAM. But there is nothing, you ...

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Confirmed Admission CSC Scholarship China, 100% admission CSC Scholarship

How to get Confirmed Admission on CSC Scholarship China

Looking for Confirmed admission in china?. Well, it is not as easy applicants are thinking about. When visited various Scholarship Groups, forums and Pages on different Social Media, I have found three questions in top priority. How to get acceptance letter for CSC Scholarship China? How to write an email to get acceptance letter? (Sample Email) How to get admission ...

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Importance of Having Multiple Acceptance Letters – CSC Scholarship

If you visit China Scholarship Groups on Facebook, you may find various questions, thanks, suggestions and comments. Some are asking for “How to get acceptance letter? , how to write email to get acceptance letter?” and some are thanking to God and admins of having various Acceptance letters from different Universities of China. Well, What you think of having 3-4 ...

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Xiaomi Photography Challenge, Xiaomi Contest 2018

Xiaomi Photography Challenge $50,000 in Prize

Xiaomi Photography Challenge $50,000 in Prize Xiaomi, One of the best Mobile Manufacturing brand of China just started a Best Photography contest. The contest which is recently launched by the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer, of course, Xiaomi with contest name: Xiaomi Photography Challenge and will go until next November 23-2018. To participate in Xiaomi Photography Challenge, it is necessary for you to have ...

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