Pakistani International Students are Stuck due to COVID-19

Many Pakistani International Students who study in China are stuck due to COVID-19 since January 2020.

Now, it is about 8th month, one semester already passed, but there is no any “Back to School Notice” from Chinese Universities.

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Many students are worried about their Education, Research, Experiments and related work as it is quite difficult to do it from home.

Well, many students are doing their best to contact higher authorities in China and Pakistan to help students return back to School. Some students are protesting and asking help through emails from the MOFA.

Students Protesting

Pakistani International Students are Stuck due to COVID-19

Pakistani International Students are Stuck due to COVID-19

Let me share an honest review, as we see China is now allowing many countries to back to work or study. Example: China allowed South Korean students and Russian students to join their universities again.

Pakistani International Students are also in a pipeline and need to wait for return to China. Students can not force Chinese authorities to invite them by protesting here in Pakistan. However, the matter only can be resolved by request to the concerned university.

All Students want to go to study in China as soon as possible, if you are agree, please share this post and leave your comments with any idea, suggestion regarding this so that we can improve.

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P.S: Author is not student of any university in China. It is just an article about the International Students.

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  1. very interesting article, we should wait for the official announcement

  2. Requesting by email is a good option

  3. Really Good Article…..We are living In Khyber agency still there is no 3G And 4G services since 3 years ….So it is very difficult to us to attaind Online classes ….

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